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Chapter two: the real one Oct. 22nd, 2006 @ 08:50 pm
A/N: I would like to thank all those who have reviewed my work. Your feedback helps me gain inspiration to continue writing.

The Gathering of Armies

Day 2

Somewhere in the United Kingdom
0214 GMT, 30 November 2001

The creature branded as Lord Voldemort was reveling in his triumph of the American bombers, and said that it showed his superiority of the muggles. There was another rationale as to why he was triumphant; he had presently received word that the lion's share of the Dragons would fight on his side. He received this news through his adherent Severus Snape, who in his obligation as a double agent had stopped by the Order HQ and relayed the same information to them as well. This intelligence caused numerous different responses from both groups; in the Dark Lord’s camp, this meant that now they had an almost indestructible ally, but in the Order HQ, this caused mass pandemonium as dragons are notoriously challenging to kill and there were thousands of them in the wild.

USS Valhalla formerly the Red October, in the Baltic Sea
0341 GMT, 30 November 2001

Commander Marko Ramius ordered the submarine to periscope depth in order to pick up new orders after being on the bottom of the ocean floor for the past week. Instead of the accustomed ‘return to port’ orders he was anticipating, he received a FLASH message ordering to maintain missile release depth, radio silence and immediate launch readiness. His first impulse was to ask his superiors why, and he was informed of the proceedings of the past 24 hours. His sub was the only one on station with an ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) suite accessible. He was to be on red alert, with his missiles prepared to fly in seconds if need be. He had not been this apprehensive since running his sub across the Atlantic Ocean avoiding both the Red Fleet and the US Navy. From then on, he would sleep no more than six hours a night.

SSN 21 Seawolf, Somewhere in the Adriatic Sea
0403 GMT, 30 November 2001

The ELINT systems aboard the Seawolf were lit up reminiscent of Las Vegas at nighttime. The radar showed hundreds of bogeys flying toward the Italian coastline. The sub had already lost contact with its escorts, the Ticonderoga class cruiser Port Royal and the Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates Reuben James and Ingraham. The last communication heard from the cruiser was something about dragons attacking the SPY-1B radar. Then the sonar stations picked up the sound of an old, Russian Alfa-class submarine. The next thing that anybody knew there were several torpedoes in the water and all of them were making a beeline towards the Seawolf. Although the crew was quick to respond, the torpedoes were quicker. All 349 sailors and SEALs onboard died in battle, but not before getting a warning out to the Allied Air Command of the impending assault. This forewarning saved thousands of lives all around the Italian peninsula.

Venice, Italy
0421 GMT (0521 Local), 30 November 2001

The canals of Venice were empty in the early pre-dawn hours, but on every street corner, you could see a Guardia Nazionale soldier with a Stinger AA missile pack nearby. The first dragons began the attack runs at 0422, shooting out jets of flame at anything in their path. The Stinger missiles took out most of the first wave but the second came so quickly that there was no time to reload the man-portable missile launchers. Fortunately, the Allied Air Command had their own kind of dragon in the air. The 503rd Squadron 1st flight was composed of customized B-52 bombers. These AL-52 Dragons fought not with missiles but with formidable onboard lasers that could slice through 18 inches of solid steel from 40 miles away. After only 20 minutes of firing from a protected position 35 miles, NE of Venice the entire northern strike force of the Dark Lord looked like it had come off worse in a fight with a nuclear weapon. Out of 179 dragons, only four were still breathing at dawn.

Rome, Italy
0452 GMT (0552 Local), 30 November 2001

Although the defenses around the Italian capital had been said to be airtight, the one thing the military planners never counted on were traitors and saboteurs. Dark Lord partisans all around the city knocked out huge sectors of the AA emplacements all at the same time. When the dragons flew in like winged harbingers of catastrophic doom, they encountered sparse resistance from the city defenses. The aerial assault joined with a massive ground attack, and ended up destroying nearly a third of the city and over 40000 lives. By the time allied ground and air units responded, the majority of the attackers had disappeared in the night and the whole of the Italian command been annihilated off the face of the earth. This only strengthened the Italians resolve to overcome the fiend who had controlled this appalling onslaught.

Hogwarts Castle, Scotland, the British Isles
0630 GMT, 30 November 2001

The war had been going badly for the Order of the Phoenix. The man named Harry Potter lamented the people he had loved and lost. Ginny had defected to the Dark Lord early on in the war and now she was as fanatical as Bellatrix Lestrange was before Harry had killed her. Ron had also tried to defect after Hermione had rejected his ‘romantic’ advances, but he accidentally stepped on a land mine while trying to escape. Hermione had been working as a healer on the graveyard shift at St. Mungo’s at the time of the nuclear barrage. Many more had been lost to either a curse or the inescapable nuclear fires. Now was Harry’s first chance to payback the creature responsible for his pain. Today the Order began a series of hit and run attacks utilizing the equipment the Americans had sent over, along with the military hardware of the American SpecOps. As he stepped into his cybernetic battle suit his face showed a sense of grim determination to never forget the horrors of the war he already had and was about to see. Moreover, as he headed out to the transport that would take him and others to the first target he resolved never back down from this or any other battle that would be joined in the name of freedom.

Fifteen miles NW of Amsterdam, Holland
0712 GMT (8:12 AM Local), 30 November 2001.

As the transport aircraft neared the destination, many of the occupants began to get cold feet about doing this first, crucial mission. At this point, only the elite strike teams were outfitted with CID battle armor systems, all the rest were in their battle robes. The people in the battle armor were busy fitting on the weapon pods that attached to their battle armor, so all those in plain robes could do was sit and agonize about their fates in the upcoming battle. At 0718 the transport landed and the troops inside left the armored tilt-rotor aircraft. However, as the Osprey lifted off to return home an Anti-aircraft missile struck it directly in the pilot’s compartment and it crashed and burned. Grimly, the small attack force started moving toward the National Parliament building, since Holland had for some ungodly reason openly sided with the Dark Lord. The primary objective of this mission was to eliminate any hostile presence from the government of Holland.

As the elite squad, Squad Alpha, moved forward in their heavily armored battle suits, they encountered heavy resistance from both wizards and the military. Most of the spells bounced right off and soon the enemy was in range of the CID weapon systems. The first one to open fire was Larry Hovis with his 40mm grenade launcher, and this caused massive devastation to the enemy. After that, every single CID unit was spewing forth a great stream of tracers, bullets and frag grenades. Unfortunately, 3 of the elite squad were lost to lucky hits from small arms fire and Claymore mines. Then Harry Potter, squad leader ran through the hailstorm of bullets, at a suit-enhanced 50 mph, to start hand-to-claw fighting. Many followed him and soon the exterior defensive force that the enemy had produced was choking to death on their own blood.

Following that, Squad Bravo the regulars, ran forward to the entrance of the Parliament building. The enemy set of some explosive charges that buried squad Bravo in rubble. The entire fire team knew that all the members of the Dutch parliament were still inside because no helicopters had lifted off from the pad near the building. After the explosions, squad Alpha quickly dug out 2nd squad from the rubble, but almost half of the squad had been killed by falling debris. The demolitions expert on the team, Larry Hovis, quickly placed several charges of C4 on the steel doorways. After the doors had been blown in, the rest of the job was easy, as nobody had anticipated any strike force to be able to infiltrate the outer defensive force. After all the primary objectives had been achieved, the team used the available military CH-47 Chinook transport helicopters to extract themselves to allied Germany.

Allied Ground Forces Command, Moscow, Russia.
0923 GMT (12:23 PM Local), 30 November 2001.

The foremost reports of the successful missions in Holland and Venice were just coming in, as were reports of the devastation of Rome, Athens, and Budapest. Reactions to the reports were diverse but one thing was clear; there was a clear-cut need for a more sophisticated early warning system. Then one of the most disconcerting news flashes ever heard of was reported on CNN: there had been an authenticated epidemic of smallpox at the Ankara Int’l Airport. The pandemic was already hours old so now there was almost no chance of containing or stopping it. Before long, suspected cases of smallpox in Germany, France, India and Japan began cropping up. It looked like there was another new weapon in this conflict and it was equally imperceptible and lethal.

CIS Konovalov, Juliet II class SSBN, in the Artic Ocean
1024 GMT, 30 November 2001

The sub crew was edgy, they had been awake for 36 hours and the lack of sleep was getting to them. The submarine they were in was more then 30 years old and as such had no ELINT systems aboard. When the crew got the order to launch their missiles at new targets, they had no way to authenticate the message. When the commander of the Konovalov tried to dissuade the crew from launching the 4 nuclear missiles, a man by the name of Antonin Dolohov led a mutiny. Soon after this mutiny, the missiles began their maiden flights toward the continents of Europe and Asia. The new target coordinates for the missiles put them squarely in the capitals of China, France, Spain and India.

SAC-NORAD Headquarters, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, USA
1025 GMT (3:25 AM Local), 30 November 2001

Since the initial nuclear strikes the Strategic Air Command was on 24/7 alert. Therefore, when the missile launch signatures of the Konovalov’s showed up and the vectors were confirmed, the response was very quick. Three AL-52 Dragon Laserplanes were hastily scrambled from an airstrip in northern Sweden and were able to destroy three of the four missiles. The one missile that got away was the one headed toward Beijing, China. The Chinese high command quickly notified local authorities and this saved millions of lives. By the time, the missile detonated above Tiananmen Square nearly an hour later only six million people had been caught out of fallout shelters, as an alternative to the 17 million of an uninformed city. After collaborating with the Russian High Command, the source of the missile launches, quickly confirmed to be the Konovalov was to be consequently eliminated as quickly as feasible.

Situation Room, White House, Washington DC
1200 GMT (7:00 AM Local), 30 November 2001

The NSC had convened for a special meeting with the commander in chief of the Order of the Phoenix, Harrison James Potter. The meeting was held so that the Order could relay the next moves of the Allied military forces on to its component parts throughout most of Eastern Europe. The next move for the Allied Command would be to eradicate the threat of the dragons under the control of Voldemort. Several satellite and drone passes had revealed most of the nests, and the next move was to wipe them out. In the end, the safest option to all involved was a surgical nuclear strike, and Harry accepted after some protestations. One of the men most strongly against this plan was the Secretary of State, Robert Heinlein. He was more concerned with the environmental consequences than anything else was concerned. Nevertheless, despite his protests the plan was given the green light. At 8:15 AM Eastern Standard Time, that day, America would use nuclear weapons in anger for the third time in its history. A single MX Peacekeeper missile launched from eastern Maine, and carried within its titanium casing lay the death of hundreds of dragons, and as Secretary Heinlein feared, the death of thousands of people lay within as well.

DreamWorks AFB, Diamond Lake, Nevada
1345 GMT (6:45 AM Local), 30 November 2001

After the catastrophic shoot-and-scoot mission over England, The 501st squadron was placed on Status zero-zero alert by the Air Force Chief of Staff. In other words, they were on administrative review and both the planes and the personnel became officially grounded from all flight missions as of 0600 MST. However, to Major General Patrick McLanahan this meant absolutely nothing more then the missions they would fly would most definitely not be officially sanctioned events. Patrick had already called up Jon Masters and asked him to put some of his NIRTSat constellations in orbit above Europe. NIRTSat stands for Need It Right This Second satellites, and they could do things that any normal spy satellite could only dream of doing. They can provide any battlefield commander with more useful information then a dozen regular satellites could. Moreover, right now they were watching several plumes of radioactive ash move slowly across Eastern Europe.

Just then, the intruder alarm sounded, and the internal defense systems came online. The whole base went into a total lockdown, which meant that nothing lager than .02 microns could get in or out of the building. The defense computer swiftly found the source of the alarm, Research Laboratory 1, and isolated the lockdown to that section of the building. The computers then activated an EM pulse signal scrambler, to stop any form of electronic communication from within the building. Unbeknownst to the military this technology also stops all magical forms of travel and gives the one trying to get in or out an excruciating headache. The security detail sent to secure the lab, quickly found the cause of the ruckus. Somebody had portkeyed an extremely powerful explosive in to the lab. They were obviously hoping that by the time anyone found the charge it would be too late to defuse the bomb and it would cause massive, possibly irreparable damage to the base. Gratefully, the bomb was defused well before the timer on it ran out. Then somebody asked the $64,000 question: who leaked the location of this supposedly top-secret base?

Soon after these events occurred, the modified B-1B Lancers began loading fuel and ammo for a mission that would reduce pressure on the troops in the Korean peninsula. Kim-Jong II had openly sided with the Dark Lord and praised his guiding principle of racial hygiene. He had mobilized the whole of the North Korean military in an attempt to overrun nations sympathetic to the Order of the Phoenix. His first target was obvious to most of the world, South Korea. Only four hours after receiving the Orders envoy, he ordered his troops across the DMZ. He even went so far as to claim to be able to take over the United States with his People’s Liberation Army. South Korea had swiftly requested assistance to dispatch this foe of freedom. Thus, the 502nd Lancer squadron’s flight status was restored for missions over the Korean peninsula. All the men and women of the 502nd squadron could see that this would be a long and bloody war with two great armies at the centerpiece of it all.
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Chapter 2 Sep. 30th, 2006 @ 09:56 pm
A blood red Dawn

SAC-NORAD Command Central, Cheyenne Mountain Colorado.
0218 GMT, 29 November 2001

The alarm that signaled a ballistic missile launch shattered the silence of the control room. Many thought that this was another false alarm, that some inattentive technician had left a scenario disc in a machine or something of the sort. It was only when reports that Royal Air Force radars were picking up a group of fast moving, high altitude signals were relayed to NORAD, that the true severity of the alarm was fully realized. After ten minutes, the first missile struck. In microseconds, 12 million people were vaporized, and most of Royal family was among them. Mere seconds after the first explosion, two more registered on the view screens, and 16 million more people went through a nuclear cremation chamber. One by one the missiles fell, all save one hitting first-strike targets in the United Kingdom. The last missile headed for the United States mainland. By the time, it hit almost 40 minutes later the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff went to a secured facility. The final target hit was New York City, and in a great flash of light and heat, 30 million people instantly turned into vapor.

Secured Facility, United States, exact locale classified.
0330 GMT, 29 November 2001 (9:30 Local 28 November)

The first thing that happened after confirmation of nuclear detonations was a meeting of the National Security Council. This consisted of President Kevin Martindale, SecState Robert Heinlein, SecDef Jack Ryan, and National Security Advisor Ryan Potts. During the meeting several possible scenarios were discussed, but there seemed to be one constant; this had to be either an accident or –more than likely- an act of terrorism. The President gave a speech to the nation. It read as follows:

“My fellow Americans, it is with great sadness that I address you tonight and inform you that at approximately 9:57 Eastern time, the city of New York was obliterated by a 5 megaton nuclear warhead. We do not know who is responsible for this tragedy but I will assure you that they will not escape punishment. We do not what the intentions for this attack are, but if they were to bring America to its knees, then it has failed. The current casualty estimates range in the tens of millions, and we have confirmed reports that the United Kingdom has also sustained nuclear attacks. I now ask you, the people, to support me as I ask Congress to declare war on the evil that has orchestrated these attacks. I now end by asking for a moment of silence for the millions who have died this night. Good night and Good Luck.”

Afterwards SecDef Ryan informed the NSC (National Security Council) that satellite imagery had shown several suspicious events occurring in the British Isles.

Hogwarts Castle, Scotland
0331 GMT, 29 November 2001

The Order of the Phoenix had just convened an emergency meeting due to the events of the last half hour. The consensus was that while Voldemort had the capability to commit these acts, it was unlikely that he would. Most likely, it was the work of a rouge faction of some terrorist organization.

One thing was agreed upon, that if Voldemort had ordered these attacks, then the Order and Ministry of Magic could not fight this war alone. Thus in the name of caution the decision was made to reveal the magical world to the mundanes. In addition to this action, the Order and MoM were to ask for help from the major world powers. At 8:00 AM, in the respective time zones, these actions went into effect and President Kevin Martindale, President Vladimir Putin, and Prime Minister Anthony Blair along with over 40 other heads of state received envoys from the magical world.

Somewhere in the United Kingdom
0612 GMT, 29 November 2001

A snake-like humanoid creature sat on a throne made of black stone, with dozens of men and women in black robes surrounding him. Like most of the world, he was mystified by than events that had occurred over the past four hours, but he had not been shocked into inaction. He was expecting that this would only make his ultimate goal of total domination of the British Isles much easier as most of the government was in shreds. He immediately began planning attacks on the remaining strongholds of both the magical and muggle governments, which included Stonehenge, Dover, Kent and six other locations around Britain. These attacks failed spectacularly as all remain military forces had been put on the equivalent of Defcon 1, the highest state of readiness. These operations also impressed the severity of the situation that the Order of the Phoenix presented to the world leaders.

Secured Facility, United States, exact location classified.
1345 GMT (8:45 AM EST), 29 November 2001

The NSC received the envoy from the Order warmly and readily accepted the things they were told after a short demonstration. Very quickly, a treaty of cooperation was drawn up and the President gave an address to the nation informing them of the probable culprit. This address read as follows:

“My fellow Americans, I have been informed of the existence of a culture that up till now has been kept secret from the world at large. What I am about to tell you will probably sound insane, but I insist that it is the absolute truth. The culture I have been informed of is that of Wizards and Witches, and they are as real as you or me. They can freely use a supernatural force that we refer to as magic. These magic-users have also informed both myself and dozens of other heads of state of the probable perpetrator of the nuclear attacks on both the United Kingdom and our own nation. The person they have indicated is the equivalent of a mafia kingpin. They have formally asked for military assistance against this self-proclaimed lord. I ask for your full support in our fight against this terrorist and his minions. God Bless America.”

This speech was answered with resounding applause from regular citizens and members of the armed forces around the globe. The unanimous answer of the world in response to the Order’s request was a resounding yes. Recruitment for all branches of the military skyrocketed in every nation across the globe.

DreamWorks Air Base, Diamond Lake, 42 miles SE of Las Vegas, ‘Area 51’.
1716 GMT (10:16 MST), 29 November 2001

Major General Patrick McLanahan looked out over the flight line. Since the Executive Order that put all SpecOps (Special Operations) on regular duty, the flight crews at Diamond Lake had been working non-stop to get the modified B-52, B-1B and B-2A bombers in red launch, or immediate launch, state. The EB-52 Megafortress would be the tip of the sword against the terrorist threat that had arisen in England. McLanahan walked over to Captain J.C. Powell one of the best fighter pilots in the galaxy.

“Hey Powell, what do you think of this whole situation?” He asked the Captain.

“Well Patrick, I personally think this whole thing is one of the best things to happen to this country. Do not get me wrong, the nuclear attacks were horrible, but for once, the country and the world have a unifying cause. I mean that not ten minutes ago Ariel Sharon, Yasir Arafat, President Omar Nasser of Iraq and the king of Saudi Arabia all condemned the attacks on both the United States and Great Britain. Would they have ever agreed under normal circumstances? No, not a chance in hell would they ever agree on anything under other conditions.”

Patrick was then called to the armory to look at the new UCAVs (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles) that would be doing most of the fighting from the air. Codenamed CHIMERA, they could also double as autonomous gun ships by utilizing their onboard small arms defenses. They also had a range of five thousand miles and were aircraft recoverable. The next thing he looked at was the new combat armor that every person going into combat would wear. Named the CID or Cybernetic Infantry Device, its body armor could stand up to a direct hit from an anti-tank rocket and still maneuver acceptably. Standing at over nine feet tall with razor-sharp claws on the hands, it would be a terrifying site on any battlefield. The first thousand out of the factory would be shipped over to the Order for use in patrol operations. They also had onboard weapons and fire control system, and when in storage mode was no bigger than the run of the mill suitcase. Finally, he saw the new type of flight suits his crews would be wearing on all combat missions. Based on the TIN MAN design they were lightweight, very supple and extremely tough.

The call for the first sortie of this horrendous war came at 11:31 AM local time. Satellite photos had revealed that there was a considerably large concentration of enemy troops massing in the moors of Scotland. This was most likely a staging area and would be an ideal place to draw the first blood of the war. Little did they know that many of them flew to their doom.

Scottish Moor, British Isles.
2341 GMT, 29 November 2001

Unbeknownst to the Order or the nations of the world, Lord Voldemort did not despise all things mundane. He knew that once the nations of the world had turned against him he would need to defend his position against the armies of the mundanes. Therefore, he had discreetly made many purchases of state-of the-art anti-aircraft defenses and aircraft for just that inevitability. The massing of a dark army on a Scottish moor was nothing more than a way to show the world that he would not be beaten easily or with little cost of life. At 2341 GMT, the first American bombers appeared on the radar screens. The bombers had almost no defensive systems loaded due to faulty information. At 2343, the first Patriot missiles flew off the launchers to the total surprise of the bomber crews. With almost no time to evade, the missiles hit twelve of the fifteen bombers and they went down in flames. The three remaining strike bombers did a quick 180 and started quickly for home, all the while radioing reports of the nasty reception they got from the enemy.
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A story of my own composition Aug. 7th, 2006 @ 01:01 am
This is a story that I've started and I would like to share it with all likeminded fellows. *In small voice* Which would be no one.

Title: The rise and fall of an Empire by PanzerJager76
Rating: R or M, whichever you prefer.
Comments are appreciated.

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the rights on the works of J.K. Rowling, Dale Brown, or Tom Clancy. They own the characters, some of the concepts, some of the technology described and parts of the writing style. In addition, please note, this is being posted on a fan fiction website, so if you try to sue me you are being an idiot of massive proportions. This is an AU of all known timelines from the aforementioned authors’ books.

This is a classified record of a terrorist incident and the subsequent events. Defense department prosecutors will punish all unauthorized personnel viewing these documents to the fullest extent of the law charges of high treason.

Day 1

Location; French ICBM site, exact locale classified
Time: 0217 GMT, 29 November 2001

The night was cold and dark as pitch. It was supposed to be a routine check of the missile target programming. Nobody on the regular night guard suspected that the technicians were not who they claimed. The first indication that anything was amiss was when klaxons sounded and an automated message said to clear the silos. By the time the guards got to the control center, there was no way on earth to stop the launch. They could only watch the view screens in horror as the eight American-made Minuteman III missiles rose out of their silos and sped off into the night towards the United Kingdom. They never even noticed the men behind them until the gunfire erupted. After that, none of them noticed anything anymore.

CDC Headquarters, Atlanta, Georgia
Same time

The biohazard freezers in Building 17B should have normally been impenetrable, but due to a recent blackout almost all, the security systems had been in the process of being reset. In response to this, the complex had a ‘round-the-clock guard detail assigned from the Navy SEALS. However, even this was not enough to prevent the tragedy that was to occur. At 0800, the bodies of the entire guard shift would be found without a scratch on them. When the freezers were inventoried, the security detail would find Level 4 agents missing. These included Ebola, Smallpox, and a newly discovered virus designated H5N1 variant Alpha, which has come to common knowledge as Human-to-Human transmittable bird flu.

Hogwarts Castle, Scotland
Same time

In one of the tower rooms, a boy saw all these events and awoke screaming for the horrors that would be sure to follow these events. This boy’s name is Harry Potter; he is to be the ultimate savior of humanity and the world’s leader after this episode. This is where our story truly begins.
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This weeks topic: Movie titles Aug. 7th, 2006 @ 12:23 am
I was struck by the sheer idiocy of movie producers lately when I heard about the latest Samuel L Jackson movie, "Snakes on a Plane". How much stupider could you get?! Now you don't even have to see the movie, because you already know the entire plot; there are snakes, which are obviously poisonous, and they are on a commercial aircraft, and they are there to kill someone. Now the problem maybe that I am getting more perceptive as I grow older, but an even more likely scenario is that screenwriters are getting dumber.

At least in the old days the movie titles had a certain mystique: 'Casablanca', 'Alexander Nevski', "The Blob", "The Matrix", and all the other simple titles that made you stop and think, "Hmm, I wonder what that movie is about?". Now you can see all of the relevant parts of a new movie in only 30-45 seconds. Movie titles are supposed to make you want to see them, but lately just by looking at the title you can figure out most of the movie. Why in the hell should we shell out 8.50 to go see a movie you could figure out just by reading the title? So I urge all who read this not to spend money to go see any movie that you can figure the plot out from the title. Good Luck and Good night.
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My first weekly rant. Jul. 31st, 2006 @ 04:35 pm
Okay ladies and gentlemen it is time for the first of my weekly rants, most of which will be concerning politics and decisions by politicians.

This weeks subjects: The Patriot Acts, or as I like to call them the death warrant of the Bill of Rights.

The Patriot Acts are some of the worst legislation ever to be signed into law. They effectively give the President the power to say to the Founding Fathers; Fuck you! He might as well have taken a weedwacker to the Constitution. As of October 2001, you lost all your rights to privacy and liberty. And when you use the Patriot Acts in extention with the Sumpreme Court decision of Schenk v. US (1919) which severely limits the freedom of speech in 'times of war', we end up with a state-controlled media, and a legal system that offers no legal recourse for anybody convicted of being a 'suspected terrorist', which could be another term for anybody the current administration does not like.

These scenarios have been seen before, many times, but most notably in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia and Italy under Mussolini. The United States is no longer a democracy, it is a fascist dictatorship being run into the ground by a man who isn't much smarter than a retarded monkey. I say rise up brothers and sisters, overthrow this madman and this corrupt government before all your rights are taken away. Long live the People's Revolution!
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Please answer Jul. 28th, 2006 @ 03:19 pm
This is my first post, does anyone know how to upload stories on this thing?
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